08 Oct

Gestational Diabetes: Eat Right for a Healthy Baby

When you’re pregnant, the most important thing forany mom is to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery. Unfortunately, when certain pregnancy symptoms indicate a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes, a happy and healthy pregnant mom-to-be can be turned into a scary and worry-ridden stress machine.

Oh, don’t worry yet! There is plenty that you can do now, to keep you and your baby healthy and diabetes-free. Most of which has everything to do with maintaining a healthy diet and staying active. Outside of that, it’s all about staying monitored, knowing the risk-factors, and planning ahead.

In order for you to better understand Gestational Diabetes, what problems it causes, and how to prevent it during your pregnancy, I’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions on the subject below.

If you’re pregnant, here’s everything that you need to know to keep those unwanted pregnancy symptoms at bay, and have a worry-free pregnancy.

Q: Who are the likely candidates for Gestational Diabetes?

A: It’s a great idea to know if you fit into the “likely candidates” category for Gestational Diabetes, well in advance. This will help you to plan out preventative measures.

You are a likely candidate for Gestational Diabetes if you…

  • Are over the age of 25
  • Have a history of diabetes in your family
  • Carry excessive weight
  • Are of an ethnicity other than Caucasian

Q: Why should I get tested for Gestational Diabetes?

A: The pregnancy complications that come along with Gestational Diabetes are harsh on you, and especially harsh on your baby. Furthermore, it can have long-lasting effects that will follow your child into their adult lives.

Complications can include:

  • Jaundice
  • Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Excessive Birth Weight
  • Preterm Birth
  • Adult Type 2 Diabetes (later)

Q: What are some of the preventative measures for Gestational Diabetes and why do they help?

A: If you’ve recently discovered that you are pregnant and think that you might be susceptible to the diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes, then it’s a good idea to put into practice the entire preventative measures that I’ve listed below. Nixingthe pregnancy symptoms of diabetes before they start is ideal.

  • Get Screened

Talk to your doctor about the screening procedures and the risks and the benefits for discovering Gestational Diabetes and make sure you mention why you think you might be at risk. It’s always a better idea to find out sooner, rather than later in your pregnancy.

  • Monitor Your Blood Sugar

When you’re pregnant with GD, your doctor will require regular checkups to monitor your blood sugar levels to make sure that they’re within a healthy range. When you have a higher probability of contracting Gestational Diabetes, however, the process becomes a little more involved. Your doctor may ask you to check your blood sugar up to four to five times per day and it’s imperative that you keep up. Your health care provider will supply you with everything that you need to do your own testing and stay on top of it.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

Out of all preventative measures, this one is by far the most important, because it allows you to control your blood sugar levels during your pregnancy. It’s definitely a delicate balance, however. You don’t want to eat food that will cause you to lose too much weight, as the baby needs a constant stream of nutrients, but you don’t want to eat foods that will cause you to gain too much weight, either, as this will cause complications.

In order to create a meal plan that is specific to you and your baby, you will need to consult with a doctor, nutritionist, or a diabetes expert. Most meal plans will revolve around consuming only fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; foods that are very low in fat and calories, but substantially high in nutrition and good fiber. You will become an expert at eating healthy. Check out more tips here.

  • Healthy & Safe Exercise

To determine the best exercise strategy for you and your pregnancy, it’s important to consult with your doctor. With their clearance, you can participate in various levels of exercise that will lower your blood sugar and stimulate the movement of glucose into cells that will consume it for energy. As a result, your body will produce less insulin, decreasing the chances that diabetic pregnancy symptoms will emerge.

  • Read Labels

You may be surprised to find that some yogurts may have more sugars in them than some brands of ice cream!

Rest assured that if you maintain a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy, you will have a happy, healthy, baby, complication-free.

I recommend that you take these things into consideration in a positive light! Being healthy and active is a good thing and it can be a lot of fun, too. You’re pregnant! It should be a fun, exciting, and fulfilling experience for you. Putting together meal plans, going to exercise classes for new moms, and taking an active interest in being healthy will create that experience for you!

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