Helping Your Toddler Bond with Their New Baby Sibling

You have one child and a baby on the way, but how can you ensure the older child isn’t left out with the new one? You really do have to ensure there is a strong bond between the toddler and the new baby simply because it can allow the two children to get along very well with one another. What’s more, there are fewer jealousy issues later on. However, toddlers bonding with new siblings can always be a challenge but not impossible. Read on to find out how you can help a toddler and new baby bond.

Include the Toddler with What You’re Doing with the Baby

Sometimes, it helps if you are able to bring the toddler into the things you are going to do with the baby. For example, story time. If you are going to read to the baby, why not ensure the toddler is there too. This helps to make sure the toddler feels included and might help him or her bond with the baby as well. Including the toddler with on basic things that you do with the new baby might help the children bond a bit better and that can really be useful.

Helping Your Toddler Bond with Their New Baby Sibling

Try as Best as You Can to Make the Toddler a Part of the Baby’s Daily Routine

Get the toddler to interact and play with the new baby as much as possible. This will help to bring a bond together and—it really is a great way to ensure the toddler isn’t jealous of the attention the new baby is getting. Getting the toddler to be a part of the daily routine with the baby can be useful whether it’s helping out at bath time or playing with them throughout the day. It can be so useful and a necessity to help build a bond. It’s really wise to do so and there are lots of ways to bring the toddler into what the baby is doing, even if it means sitting alongside one another watching a cartoon.

Make It Clear You Love Both Children Equally

With a new child, the toddler might start to feel a bit left out. It’s easily done and even though you aren’t intentionally leaving the toddler out, they can still feel that way. However, if you can try to include the child with what you’re doing with the baby, it can help make those feelings go away. What’s more, you should try and make it clear you love both children equally. The new baby needs a lot of attention but so does the toddler and it really doesn’t hurt to have the children doing something of the same thing, whether it’s the toddler playing peek-a-boo with the child or something else. Being together and interacting with one another gets the toddler and baby used to one another and a bond can develop.

Bring a Strong Bond

People often think they will struggle to ensure their toddler is able to build a bond with their new baby sibling and it’s easy to see why. The children are at two very different ages and there are limits to what the new baby can do with the toddler but that doesn’t mean a bond can’t be developed from an early age. There are lots of ways for you to help build a strong bond between the toddler and baby and you should try and ensure there is a strong bond developed.