29 Aug

How to Go From Stay-At-Home-Mom to Business Owner

Many women say that becoming a mother to children is their greatest joy and accomplishment in life. While this can be true for many people, sometimes mothers can feel somewhat limited in their ambitions once motherhood takes over their lives. There is nothing wrong with wanting to branch out and do new and exciting things once you are a mother, just as there’s nothing wrong with devoting your life to your children. There is also a third option for those women whose ambitions outweigh the fear of doing something big and new–and that is becoming your own boss. There’s no reason that you can’t be a great mom AND a bad-to-the-bone business owner. In this article you’ll find tips, advice, and suggestions on how to start your own small business. Read them, learn them, and then get started on making your dreams of owning your own business come true!

First, you’ll need an idea of what kind of business you want to operate. Here it is important to take into great consideration your skills, interests, and capabilities. Do you like baking? Perhaps a bakery or a small coffee shop would best suit you. Can you sew, or are you crafty? Maybe a boutique or an online clothing store is your best bet. No matter what kind of product or service you want to sell to people, you need to make sure it’s something that meets a demand, and that you won’t get tired of within the first few months. Sticking with your goal and main idea is very important when creating a successful small business.


Once you have an idea–start by writing out a one-page business plan. The key to a successful start-up business is to start small, simple, and low-cost. When the term “cost” is used, it doesn’t just refer to monetary values–it also includes your time, energy, and other resources. Don’t worry about having every single little detail worked out in your business plan, and don’t worry if it seems oversimplified at first. Once you are in the phase where you’re looking for investors or other types of funding, you’ll want to have a full-formed, robust business plan. But at first, starting small is best. Define your vision, write a mission statement. What do you want to accomplish in this business? Define your objectives and basic strategies to merge your ideas into reality. Make sure you plan of action is clear. This will help you stay focused in later stages of your business ownership journey. Sites like BusinnessPlan.com have great resources for those in the first stages of starting a business.


Next, figure out the legal and monetary aspects of your business. If your business is going to brick-and-mortar, there will obviously be higher costs and more paperwork/legal processes involved than if you are opening an online store. Filing paperwork can quickly build up costs, so keep that in mind when planning your budget. You’ll need to keep track of costs of city licensing, state incorporation fees, and all kinds of other legal costs. In the first stages of your business journey, it can sometimes be smart to start out as a sole proprietor–as it can greatly diminish the overall amount of paperwork and legal costs involved in this phase of the process. This will save you money in the long run. Take into account that fact that if you’re the sole owner of this business, you will absorb all of the risk. Meet with local attorneys or tax officers to help you decide how to go about making your business legal.

Now comes the fun part. Once all the legalities and paperwork are complete, it’s time to set up your website. Having an attractive and well-functioning website is absolutely a necessity in today’s business universe. You must have something with clean and easy-to-use interface, and something that showcases why your product or service is the best in your field. Good business owners know that once you make your site accessible to customers and clients, you also make yourself and your business assets available to online hackers. Protect your website and your business by purchasing top of the line security software from companies like Kaspersky Labs. They offer packages in various price ranges–all offering unbeatable virus and firewall protection. There is nothing smarter than protecting your assets, including your budding business.


Hopefully these tips and tricks helped you see that becoming a successful business owner while still being the world’s best mom isn’t out of your reach! So get to writing that business plan and show the world what a superhero moms really are!