Parental Leave – Things to Consider

You are expecting a new baby which is great but have you thought about parental leave? To be honest, this isn’t something which parents think about when they first hear the news they’re about to become parents and yet it’s something that absolutely needs to be considered. Do you know how the process works? Do you know who you need to talk to? Here are a few things you need to consider when it comes to parental leave. 

You May Need Time To Adjust

Having a new baby is a big ask but if you’re used to working everyday it’s going to be very strange to have a baby in your life and caring for them twenty-four-seven. You may be off work for some time, six to twelve months depending on your requirements and that’s a big ask. You really need to understand it will take time to adjust being away from work on parental leave and when you return, there is an adjustment period too. It’s something which many parents don’t think about.

Have an Informal Meeting with a Supervisor to Know Where You Stand

Before you make anything official it’s good to have a sit-down talk, albeit an informal talk, with the supervisor of the company you work for. It could be your direct boss or the area manager, whoever it is, it’s good to talk to them and enquire how this process works within that business. You want to enjoy the new baby but remember every business is different when it comes to parental leave so you need to go about this in the right manner.

Enquire How Much Parental Leave You Are Entitled To

Everyone is entitled to some level of parental leave but you need to know how much you’re entitled to. This varies considerably so you have to do your research here and while you are able to take six to twelve months parental leave in most cases, it may be unpaid in part or in full. You have to know how your company specifically deals with such matters. You need to look at what leave you can have and what the company is willing to give you. You’re having a baby and you should look forward to that but try and get parental leave sorted out as quickly as you can. Check here.

Ensure You Give the Employer Adequate Notice about Parental Leave

In most cases, businesses want to know in advance when you will take your parental leave and roughly for how long. Now, if you aren’t sure about how long you need you need to see how much leave you have available to you and think about whether that’s a suitable length of time and whether you need to entire leave amount. However, you really need to sit down with the supervisor and talk about when you need to take the leave. If the baby is due in October and you want to get things ready, why not leave at the end of the September if you’re going to be a father? Mothers could choose to leave earlier or when they feel as though they need to.

Get In The Know

Just because you are having a baby that doesn’t mean to say you know your rights at work or anything about parental leave. For most new parents they haven’t thought about this and surprisingly a lot of people don’t know about it either. It’s different from how it used to be and that’s important to know too. You need to learn a few things about parental leave so that you can go about it in the right manner, especially when it comes to getting time away from work. Enjoy your new baby and hopefully it will be a magical time for you all.